2014, what a year!

As I sit here on New Years Eve 2014 I have been thinking about what has happened in my life this year and what I am looking forward to next year, here goes!

2014 has been a year of ups and downs to say the least, in my private/ family, sporting and professional lives. Professionally this has been a great year for me, in September I completed my masters degree in Exercise and Sport at Manchester Metropolitan University, this rounded off an academic year in which I made some great friends, had some tough moments and some great moments. At work I joined a young charitable trust in the sports development team, my initial role with the organisation was as Volunteer coordinator, helping to oversee an award winning programme, it was a great summer in which I met some truly inspirational people and had some experiences which will stay with me forever. As I moved into the autumn months I applied for and got a new role as Inclusion coordinator and community coach within the same development team. In this role I have continued to work with and meet some great people and characters.

In my personal and private life there has been brilliant highs and brutal lows, this isn’t the place for some of the lows but I am happy to share the highs! In November me and my fiancée moved into out first house together, I am immensely happy, although the thought of paying my mortgage for the next 35 years depresses me! There are numerous advantages to being a home owner, one of them I have discovered in the past 24 hours, you can set up your rollers and ride your bike in the dining room doorway and nobody can tell you off, WINNER!

My sporting year wasn’t as good, a terrible winter 2013-14 injury wise carried on into the summer and killed my 2014 season half way through, it started with a stress fracture in my foot in December/ January, a strained Achilles in February, a tweaked cartilage in my knee in April/ May and culminated in a tendonopathy in my knee in August. I battled through the first half of the season before pulling out of all my races post august on the advice of my phisio. After 3 months of no running at all and with help from a superb team of phisios and fitness staff I seem to be back on track in my 2014/15 winter. I am hugely grateful to my sponsors at the Everybody Sport and Recreation APA programme for keeping the faith and helping me back to fitness. I’m still not back to pre injury fitness or form but the ground work I have already put in this winter will hopefully stand me in good stead for 2015.

In 2015 I hope to continue the progress I have already made professionally, I am excited about what the future holds as the charitable trust I work for enters an exciting future. I cant wait to see what life holds for me and my fiancée as we continue our epic adventure together. Sporting wise , I already have my 2 ‘A’ races lined up and I will be stepping up to half ironman distance , this will be tough but I am willing and determined to do what it takes to succeed. I am also looking forward to September as me and my brother will return to the land of our forebears (Scotland) to take part in the rat race coast to coast challenge, it will be a tough but great weekend. I also cant wait to see the Rugby World Cup in England in 2015, it will be a great advert for the sport and I hope it is a trigger to generate great interest and an increase in people playing the sport every week.

All that is left for me to say is 2014 you were great, I cant wait to see 2015! Happy New Year to all.

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