With this being my first post I thought I would give you all a but of background on me and an idea on what I will be writing about.

My name is Alex, I live in a small village in Cheshire, England and I am 26 years old. Since I can remember I have always loved sport, both playing and watching, it all started I suppose with football (soccer) and I would spend hours playing either alone or with friends. At the age of 6 or 7 I started playing for the mighty Moulton Youth FC! We weren’t very good but we had fun and during my time there I grew to love the game and sport in general. I think it is a testament to the coaches and parents there that most of the lads I played alongside are still playing some form of sport on a regular basis. (I should point out at this stage that due to my dyslexia I am pretty unorganised and get distracted easily so if I go off at a tangent I will have to ask for your forgiveness). As I went through school I was very lucky to have some very good, knowledgeable and enthusiastic PE teachers and coaches, without them I don’t think I would be where I am today! I didn’t stick with football as, when I got to high school I put a bit of weight on and instead started a love affair with a sport that still consumes me to this day… RUGBY! Being a rather portly 11 year old with ginger hair I found that running around chasing an egg shaped ball with my mates and rolling round in the mud was a great laugh.

Over the next few years my mum and dad ferried me around and followed me all over the country as I played at school and club level, they also took me to the hospital on several occasions when things went wrong. they have continued to follow me all over the country and continent during my 2nd sporting career as a triathlete (more on that later). After I left college and went off to university I decided against playing for uni as I wanted to play for my club unfortunately, injuries meant that I spent more time on the phisio bench than the pitch (my 20+ stone frame probably didn’t help).

On December 15th 2011 I made the best decision of my life, after stepping on to the scales and seeing my weight had reached 22 stone something had to be done. So I pulled on some tracksuit bottoms and a hoody and laced up an old pair of trainers and went for a run. 2.5k of walking, running and weazing took me some 25 minutes but I had made the first step!

My brothers were both into triathlon and I decided to enter a race so I had something to aim for, over the next 12 months I lost 7 1/2 stone and completed a sprint triathlon and duathlon and my word, I was hooked! I also got back on the rugby pitch playing for the mighty Knutsford RUFC and played for them for a season however after some more injuries I decided to focus on tri. More races followed in 2012 and I improved, so much so that in 2013 I achieved selection for the GB Age Group team at the European Duathlon Championships in Holland. This remains my greatest sporting achievement and the friendships I made there remain with me to this day, I am also proud to admit that as I crossed the line (in 173rd place overall) I got a little bit chocked up. 2014 turned into an injury nightmare, more on that in my next post!

So that’s my sporting background, in order to pay for my triathlon habit I work in sports development as a project coordinator and community coach, this involves running a programme for people with disabilities whilst also delivering some sessions each week. I went to uni for many years and hold a degree, PGCE and masters, I have also worked in shops, sales and as a full time coach. I still play rugby on occasion but do more coaching these days, trying to promote the game to the next generation.

If you are kind enough to read my blogs in the future I will mainly be writing about my training habits, sport, coaching and generally what goes on in my life.

Thanks for reading team!

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