September 2016 – pre race

Morning all,


 I hope you are well? Short and sweet today as I have things to do! Well, the time is nearly here! Just some last minute packing to do and then heading north later today when my better half has finished work.

 My plan over the last month was to have two full weeks of training followed by a two week taper. All was going swimmingly…. For the first week and then disaster struck, food poisoning! A dodgy bit of chicken utterly defeated me, I didn’t move out of bed for two days, didn’t eat at all for three and didn’t eat properly for nearly a week. I lost a stone in two days and still haven’t put the weight back on.

As a result of this I didn’t train for well over a week as I gave my body time to recover and, with just two weeks to go I had to get my mind right as much as my body. I didn’t start my full taper until 10 days pre race as I needed to get a long run in to prep mentally as much as physically. After that I have done lots of stretching and massage, a couple of short runs and a short bike session, fingers crossed this will be enough! I feel like I am nowhere near as prepared as I was this time last year and my longest run has been 15km.

People asked last time about my nutrition so I will try to give you an idea of what I eat on a typical day:

Breakfast, 2 pieces of wholemeal toast, 3 eggs (normally scrambled) and a handful of spinach

Mid morning: small snack, usually fruit

Lunch: Normally sandwiches or rice/ pasta with some form of protein (if the chef at work will make me an omelette that is my preferred option)

5/6pm: small snack, usually a cereal bar

7:30pm: tea, small carbs plus protein and veg


I know there are plenty of personal trainers at the moment advocating a high fat, med protein, low carb diet, this is fine if you want to go down that road however I tried it and it didn’t sit well, I struggled with sessions of 40 mins or more, so pretty much every session. I will load with carbs today and tomorrow pre race and then on the race I will take on gels and bars to keep my energy up. Again, I know some trainers will crucify me for this approach but hey, I don’t care, its my body and works for me. My biggest advice for nutrition is find something that works for you, that you can fit around your schedule and finances and training needs. DO NOT experiment on race day, that is what the months of training rides and runs are for, it doesn’t matter if you need to dive into a bush on those, its not a great look on race day. That said, I will be packing a toilet roll just in case.

People have also asked me a lot about target times and placing. On a normal triathlon I would target specific times or places based on the race and who else is in it however I have no such targets for this race for the following reasons: For me this race is all about enjoying it and finishing, if I limp over the line 2 seconds before cut off that will be ok. The weather is so changeable and so many things can happen that targeting specific times is daft. ENJOYMENT IS KEY!

So to conclude, my prep hasn’t been ideal, I am stone lighter than last years race which may help or hinder me, we are about to find out its too late to change anything now! Let me finish by saying if you are racing Rat Race this weekend have a safe journey and see you in Nairn. If you see me come and have a chat, if you see me on the course give me a shout and if you see me at Glencoe join me for half a coke. You have prepped for a long time, you aren’t going to get any fitter between now and Saturday, don’t stress, don’t over think it and just ENJOY IT and remember, just by making the start line you are awesome!

P.S the weather forecast is grim for Sunday so don’t forget your waterproofs!

 See you there,


Looking ik for saturday, fingers crossed

Different story sunday 😦

Last long run before race day… Still smilingg

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